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다낭의 일상 및 탐방 Discovery in Danang

   Fantastic Danang Movie
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/03/02 조회: 1891  

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   An immense field of lotus flowers in the outskirts of Danang
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/07/06 조회: 2016  
As summer comes with blazing sunbeams enfolding Danang suburbs, lotus flowers begin to bloom, entrancing anyone who wants to catch the magnificent sea of pink blossoms.

In Danang, lotus flowers commonly bloom during period of end of April to end of July. Their pink, rose, white and all dreamy hues in between melt the hearts of the admirers.

The fern lotus leaves, the flamingo pink blossom and the saffron yellow pollen ? together weave a colorfully harmonious portrait of natural beauty. It’s no wonder the lotus flower has been a delightful inspiration to many photographers.

While words spread far and wide about the pure and vigorous lotus, intrigued crowds follow suite for a visit. If you get the chance to take in this wonderful magenta lotus sea, be a civilized and responsible admirer who keeps this amazing place the same and untouched as you first found it. Most importantly, does not pick the flower! If you love lotus, don’t pick it!

To capture your memory of these serene lotus buds before the blooming season past, visit the ponds at Hoa Lien Ward or in Hoa Quy area of Danang city.

In the blinding light of summer, standing in front of the amazing ever-extending lotus sea which gives out miraculously soft, powdery fragrance ? this is how you find that utmost inner-peace moment.  

Photo: Trúc Nguyễn – Nhi Cao – An immense field of lotus flowers in the outskirts of Danang
   High-end retreat and romantic escape at the new Sky Bar in Midland region
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/05/15 조회: 2870  
High-end retreat and romantic escape at the new Sky Bar in Midland region

Situated on the highest floor of the New Orient Hotel Danang (20 Dong Da St., Hai Chau District, Danang), Sevva Sky Lounge is one of the brand-new breezes to entertainment venues for locals and visitors to Danang city.


On the top floor of New Orient Hotel, Sevva Sky Lounge not only brings you the best dishes and exquisite cocktail but also the relaxing moments with a bird-eye view of the city, giving you the unique chance to admire Danang illuminating night life.


Sevva has a unique and spacious ambience, including an indoor lounge, outdoor sitting and rooftop bar. All areas are decorated in a balanced and delicate design with open view to outside scenery.

You can choose to sit on the yippie high bar by the pool or in a more private sofa at the bar or indoor lounge.

With modern interior design combined with top notch sound system and lighting effects, Sevva recreates a fascinating experience you have never seen before, where you can immerse into a wild and blasting pool party.


Here at the bar you will be served many exquisite canapes, together with sumptuous alcoholic drinks including cocktail, beer, wine…

After 22:00 every night, there will be sexy dance performed by erotic handsome professional foreign male dancers.

Not only is Sevva an entertainment venue mentioned by young folks, it is also a to-go gathering venue for celebrity figures. So, don’t be surprised if you would run into a Talk-of-the-town famous face and get to see their performance live in person here at the bar.

Sevva Sky Lounge opens from 4pm to 1am. This is a perfect place to chill and let your hair down after a hard-working day.

   Taste of Australia Da Nang BBQ
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/04/20 조회: 2012  
This will also be our big Aussie BBQ in Central Vietnam to celebrate 45th Anniversary Year of Diplomatic relations between Australia and Vietnam.

Join us for Australian cuisine, high-quality Australian produce, and refreshing Australian beer and wines at a traditional Aussie Family BBQ! All supported by leading Central Vietnam businesses. This will also be our big Aussie BBQ in Central Vietnam to celebrate 45th Anniversary Year of Diplomatic relations between Australia and Vietnam.  

Relax listening to live music, and learn a few tips from celebrity Chef Luke Nguyen! Hang around for an exciting BBQ cook-off between our special guests!

There’s plenty for the kids with a bouncy castle, slip and slide, and Aussie rules football. Make it a family day! Our special guests the Australian Ambassador and Consul-General will also be drawing raffles prizes. You could win free flights, free nights at 5 Star resorts, golf rounds and wine and food vouchers! 

Entry fee for adults is 200,000VND, (includes 4 food or beverage vouchers) 
Entry fee for children from 6-16 is 100,000 (includes 2 food or beverage vouchers) 
Kids under 6 receive free entry (no food or beverage vouchers included). 

Tickets will be sold at the following venues: 

  - The Hanged Man Bar, 55 An Thuong 2, My An 
  - Pullman Danang Beach Resort, 101 Vo Nguyen Giap Street 
  - Salt Pub, Cam An, Hoi An, Quang Nam Province. 
  - William Angliss office, 8th floor, 33 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh. Tel: 0236.3551 589 

Tickets will also be available for purchase on the day but are limited, so please purchase early to avoid disappointment. 

 All profits will be donated to charity.
   Check-in Wonders of the World at Danang Golden Bay Hotel
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/03/10 조회: 1987  
It is not difficult to check-in at wonders of the world anymore when Danang Golden Bay Hotel has completed the world’s wonders in our own area.

Come to Danang Golden Bay Hotel, aside from rewarding yourself relaxing moments, you can also save the memories with amazing pictures with the models of wonders of the world, from luxurient New York to romantic Paris, majestic Spain to mystery Egypt, or our dear Vietnam.

All of them are ready for you at Danang Golden Bay Hotel.

Let us make your dreams come true!

   Upside Down World Danang
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/03/03 조회: 2869  
check in to Danang’s new attraction: Upside Down World Danang 

The locals of Danang and tourists no longer have to travel to Ho Chi Minh city or Vung tau to check in Upside Down World, because Upside Down World Danang was officially opened on 01/01/2018, welcoming all visitors to experience and take photos in rooms with upside down concept. 

With special, unique architecture, breaking all gravity rules, you will be confused between floors and ceilings. Watch out, things can “drop” on your head. 

Upside Down World Danang with a total of 10 rooms, 7 of which are upside down from living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, laundry room and minimart. 

Upside Down World Danang also has 3 more rooms with vintage design and 90 ? degree concept, 2 rooms are ready (hairdresser’s and Vietnamese restaurant) and 1 is being completed.  

Especially, the most outstanding would probably the pastel pink kitchen with Hello Kitty theme, and Nobita’s study room in Doreamon with time machine and magic door.

Each room has different corners for photos, all of them are decorated with many colors and interior suitable for real life. Entering the house, you will be wowed to see all interior are upside down. Talking about that strange feeling when you are walking on the ceiling, not the floor, with things flying above your head.  

The upside down reality will surprise visitors, making you feel like you are entering a magic world. Come to Upside Down World Danang to take exciting photos to share with your friends.

Come to Upside Down World Danang to enjoy such new experience! 


Upside Down World Danang 
Address: 44 Ho Xuan Huong, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang 
Phone: 0236 7109 900 
Opening hours: 10 am ? 8 pm 
Entry: 130,000 VND/adult and 70,000 VND/child
   7 Must-Sees in HOIAN
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/03/02 조회: 1941  
1. Hoi An Ancient Town
2. My Son Sanctuary
3. Vinahouse Space
4. Thanh Ha Pottery Village
5. Hoi An Silk Village
6. An Bang Beach
7. Tra Que Vegetable Village

#Hoan Ancient Town
   7 Must sees in Danang
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/03/02 조회: 1911  
1. Bana Hills
2. Marble Mountains
3. Son Tra Mountain
4. Linh Ung Pagoda
5. Danang Beach
6. Danang Museum
7. Museum of Cham Sculpture

   선짜 반도 여행
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/03/01 조회: 1929  
   Top 10 Tour Area in Danang-Map
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/02/28 조회: 1921  
1. 한강다리/용다리
2. 다낭 대성당
3. 아시아 파크
4. 참조각 박물관
5. 영응사
6. 미케 해변/ 논느억 해변
7. 바나힐
8. 오행산
9. 호이안 올드타운
10. 미썬유적지
+ 재래시장 : 한시장/꼰마트

   다낭 여행하기 좋은 시기는?
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/02/28 조회: 2579  
베트남의 중부를 대표하는 도시이자, 우리나라 사람이 가장 많이 방문하는 다낭은 날씨를 크게 우기와 건기 2계절로 나눌 수 있습니다. 

아래는 BBC Weather에서 제공하는 10년간 다낭 날씨의 통계입니다. 
다낭을 방문하기 가장 좋은 시기는 1월 ~ 6월입니다. 

그래프에서 확인할 수 있듯이, 1월 ~ 6월 구간은 매우 좋은 날씨를 보여줍니다. 
이 시기의 다낭 날씨는 하늘은 맑고, 쾌청하며 습도는 낮고 기온도 적정해 여행하기에 딱 좋은 날씨입니다.
6월부터 8월까지는 기온이 상승하기 시작해 한국의 무더운 여름 날씨와 비슷합니다. 

이후 9월부터는 월 500 ~ 1000mm의 비가 내리는 우기가 본격적으로 시작되기 때문에 여행 지역에 따라 어려움이 있습니다. 
다낭의 우기는 한국의 장마처럼 비가 며칠 동안만 집중되어 내리는 것과 다르게 한 달, 두 달 내내 비가 옵니다. 그러나 하루에 오는 비의 양은 그리 많지 않습니다. 20분에서 1시간 사이의 시간 동안 갑자기 많은 비가 내리므로, 우산 혹은 우비를 준비하는게 좋습니다.

다낭 날씨는 크게 건기와 우기로 나누어 지지만, 건기와 우기의 시기는 아래와 같이 구분할 수 있습니다.

건기 : 2월 ~ 7월까지 
우기 : 8월 ~ 1월까찌 

7월과 8월이 가장 더운 시기이며 최고 기온이 38도까지 상승합니다. 
반면 12월과 1월은 가장 시원한 시기로 평균 최고기온은 25도, 평균 최저기온은 20도 정도로 낮기때문에 물놀이를 하기에는 차가운 날씨입니다.

다낭을 방문하시기 전에 날씨와 시기에 맞춰서 옷을 준비하여 즐거운 여행되길 기원합니다.
   Top 10 Hotel & Resort in Danang, Vietnam-Movie
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/02/27 조회: 2276  
1. Intercontinental danang Sun Peninsula Resort
2. Vinpearl Premium Villas Danang
3. Premier Village Danang Resort
4. Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa
5. Pullman Danang Beach Resort
6. Fusion Maia Danang
7. Naman Retreat
8. Novotel Danang Premier Han River
9. Vinpearl Danang Resort & Villas
10. Mella Danang

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   2018년 4월 다낭 날씨 예보
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/02/26 조회: 2312  
4월에 예상되는 다낭 날씨 정보입니다.(AccuWeather에서 제공) 
여행 계획에 참고하길 바랍니다. 

   2018년 3월 다낭 날씨 예보
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2018/02/26 조회: 2332  
3월에 예상되는 다낭 날씨 정보입니다.(AccuWeather에서 제공)
여행 계획에 참고하길 바랍니다. 

   배틀트립 2017년 7월 1일 다낭편 예고
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2017/07/08 조회: 2274  

   찬바람 쌩쌩 부는 바닷가에서
작성자: 관리자 작성일: 2015/06/12 조회: 3267
찬바람 쌩쌩 부는 골목길에 반짝반짝 빛내며 자리를 지키고 있었던 해안가,
앞으로도 골목지기로 늘 그 자리에 있고 싶습니다. 
언제난 반갑게 맞이해 주는 그곳..
자연은 언제나 나를 보듬에 준다..