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ㆍ작성자 : 관리자   ㆍ작성일 : 2018-06-27 ㆍ조회 : 2210
ㆍ분류 : Promotion

A one-and-only museum
Breaking all conventional notions of an esteemed and prodigious museum where classical, renowned works of art are hosted; Art in Paradise Danang ? Danang 3D Art Gallery opens up a fantasy world for many mind wanderers and day dreamers to indulge in free-flowing imagination and humor.
Art in Paradise Danang owns more than 130 unique 3D paintings which are directly created on the grounds and walls of the gallery by skillful hands of almost 20 South Korean artists.
Imagination knows no boundaries
Defy all bounds when getting the chance to be your own protagonists, tell your original stories and instill uniqueness in any 3D canvas ? an entertaining moment yet so rich in art.
Each 3D will represent as one-and-only to each visitor’s impression.
A sensational exploration
Coming to Art in Paradise Danang, visitors will enter limitless pathways to an emotional revelation.
Impersonating and acting with well-known classic protagonists, exploring the ocean with diverse marine life creatures, travelling to a wonderful colorful fairytale land; or stepping into a tropical jungle with tantalizing secrets; holding your breath when surrounded by mysterious mummies; touring the most famous landmarks in the world and caught in the midst of all this, a near-and-dear figure of Vietnam…
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